Organization Objective

Promote the importance of emotional education as vital for well being. Optimize human talent and creative mind through emotional intelligence concepts. Achieve and sustain emotional stability as a basis for true happiness which leads to success. Prevent life undesirable trauma by reducing emotional instability. Improve communication and expression through emotional education, which leads to better dialogue among people. Make love experiences meaningful and more sustainable. Thus maintain peaceful and healthy societies.

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

Become a skilled instructor for FEEL training. Become a team member for organizing sensibilization campaigns and promote FEEL. Participate in the organization projects development and execution. Participate in fundraising activities. Undertake startup management activities for establishing the organization in new cities.

Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)
  • English and/or French
  • Undergraduate studies in social, human, life sciences and/or management
  • Obvious passion for human experiences
  • Undergo FEEL training for certification.
Time Commitment

Flexible time schedule to suit each volunteer plans. Attend training workshops and meetings on a monthly basis for around 3 hours bi-weekly.

Contact Information Attention the founder
(514) 295-7089
Application Process
  1. Mail a motivation letter with CV
  2. We call you for an interview
  3. Agreement
  4. Start training

Training is provided in downtown (metro Beaudry) Work is remote.