Organization Objective

O3 is an English organization that provides housing and support services to young and vulnerable parents. The housing is transitional and parents are expected to work on specific goals during their stay. (The goals fall under the following headings: Educational/Financial/Parenting/Personal Development/Community) Every parent has at least one child under the age of 5 when they begin living with us.

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

O3 needs volunteers who love working with children and who will be supervised by our childcare coordinator. We also look for volunteers who can help tutor some of the parents at high school level classes. We are periodically looking for volunteer board members.

Childcare: Playing with children and animating activities for short periods of time (1 hr) in the early evening (5:30-8:00)
Tutor: Work one on one with a parent to help them succeed at school.
Board Member: (call for more details)

Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)

We are an English speaking work environment.

Time Commitment

Prior to a new month, our volunteer coordinator emails out our calendar and volunteers reply to her with their availability, identifying what days they want to volunteer and how often.
This is a flexible system that allows volunteers to determine how much time they can devote to our organisation.

Monday evening
Tuesday evening
Wednesday evening
Thursday evening
Friday evening

Contact Information

Application Process

Call us and we will set up an appointment with you and the volunteer coordinator. Please bring a current CV. We will have you fill out an application form and a police check form.


Notre Dame de Grace.
Bus routes: 105, 138, 104, 162 from Vendome metro and Villa Maria metro.