Organization Objective

Miriam Home and Services is a public, multifaceted rehabilitation center serving over 600 people of all ages with intellectual disabilities.  We are a bilingual, multi-cultural organization delivering a large range of services, from residential to leisure, each aiming to provide our clients with the experiences and opportunities available to all people

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

Drop-In Centre
Volunteers hang out and help out in this dynamic evening social program for adults.  This is a great experience for volunteers looking to be part of a group.  Families (children can be younger than 16) and small groups of friends or colleagues welcome.

An excellent opportunity for individuals seeking experience in the field, Avidami matches volunteers with children with special needs.  .

Therapeutic Recreation
Volunteers help staff in structured day programs, duties range from helping in  learning-directed group activities to going for walks.

Friendship Program
Going to the movies, shopping, eating out, or just playing cards… what are friends for? Matched with an adult with an intellectual disability, individual volunteers enjoy any number of social activities.


Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)

English andor French.  Minimum age 16 years.

Time Commitment

minimum 2 hours per week for 3 months.


  • Monday afternoon
  • Monday evening
  • Tuesday afternoon
  • Tuesday evening
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Wednesday evening
  • Thursday afternoon
  • Thursday evening
  • Friday afternoon
  • Friday evening
  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Saturday evening
  • Sunday morning
  • Sunday afternoon
  • Sunday evening
Contact Information Elspeth Sparling (514)345-0210, ext. 146
Application Process

Application form
reference check
police check (provided on-site)


Main office is 8160 Royden

Most volunteer takes place in the Cotes des Neiges or Cotes St. Luc neighbourhoods.