Organization Objective

Founded in 1988, Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre is best known for its annual Shakespeare-in-the-Park summer tour. As a professional theatre company and non-profit arts organization, our core values are artistic excellence, social relevance and accessibility.

Repercussion Theatre’s mission is to deliver professional, classically based, visually dynamic theatre that is accessible to all, regardless of income, culture, language, age or education. This summer, we are bringing Much Ado About Nothing to Montreal’s most beautiful parks and we hope to see you there. The tour begins on July 13th and ends on August 15th, but the work starts long before then.

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

Volunteers are an important part of what makes Shakespeare-in-the-Park possible every summer and their help is invaluable both before and during the tour.

Before the Tour

– Helping with marketing

– Putting up posters and flyers throughout various parts of Montreal

During the Tour

– Helping with concessions

– Interacting with the public

– Handing out programs and ushering

Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)

All that matters is that volunteers are eager to engage . Helping with the tour is a great way to explore Montreal and meet new and exciting people. Being able to speak French is not a requirement, but volunteering could also be an opportunity to practice.

Time Commitment

Ideally, volunteers at each performance would help for around 4 hours. Volunteers are welcome to help with multiple shows and with some of the smaller jobs that need to be done before the tour. The hours would vary and all help is welcome.

Contact Information If you are interested then please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Nathan Kelly, at

Application Process

There will be a few meetings for volunteers to meet the team and get a better idea of what to expect. At these meetings volunteers will be given a form to track their hours and to sign.


Our office is located at 460 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Suite 610, Montreal, QC H3B 1A7