Organization Objective

Beyond Me is a non-profit student organization established at McGill. We provide one-on-one mentoring for children and teenagers with disabilities. We are currently partnered with five schools that provide services to youths with disabilities. Our volunteers work closely with the school and/or family of their “buddy” in order to provide the best form of mentoring they can! Our volunteers work with children and teens aged 3-21 years doing everything from tutoring to play stimulation to language development and more! We also aid in the socialization of our buddies by planning various child- and teen- friendly events (ie; Biodome Adventures or Fun Days).

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

Beyond Me is looking for mentors to be paired to work throughout the year with a child with a disability. We are also looking for general volunteers to help us at our monthly events.


Once volunteers, or mentors, are paired with their buddies, they begin to schedule meetings for one-on-one activities. These activities range from outings, to arts and crafts, to tutoring. It is up to volunteers and their buddies to select activities that interest them both!

Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)

Because our volunteers work with children with disabilities, mentors must be comfortable with children and be flexible enough to accommodate the special needs of their buddies.

Experience working with children and youth with disabilities is an asset, but not necessary.

Time Commitment

Beyond Me asks that mentors dedicate 8 hours a month to their buddies. The scheduling is flexible, and depends on the needs of the volunteer and his/her buddy.

Monday morning
Monday afternoon
Monday evening
Tuesday morning
Tuesday afternoon
Tuesday evening
Wednesday morning
Wednesday afternoon
Wednesday evening
Thursday morning
Thursday afternoon
Thursday evening
Friday morning
Friday afternoon
Friday evening
Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
Saturday evening
Sunday morning
Sunday afternoon
Sunday evening

Contact Information

Off-campus. Wherever the volunteer and his/her buddy can meet.