Organization Objective

We’re a brand new, Montreal-based news and opinion website focused on driving a conversation on issues in Canadian politics and culture that helps advance progressive values.

Our bread-and-butter right now is written content, were we work to publish thoughtful, informative analysis and editorial on a wide variety of issues. However, we have also launched a bi-weekly podcast that we’re committed to expanding and improving, and have begun to dabble in video content. We try to combine solid fact-based discussion and passionate progressive advocacy with a healthy dose of humour and satire (and profanity) into something we hope people kind both challenging and entertaining.

You can check out the main site (, or our Facebook feed ( if you want a taste of what we’ve done so far.

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

We want to add a few cool people to our tiny team, so that we can spread the load around and cover more of the news-cycle better, as well as promote the site more effectively. We’d also like to diversify the voice and style of our content, and do a better job on issue areas that we’re not able to get to as much as we’d like right now.

The form and level of participation is kind of up to you.

Maybe you want to chip in the occasional column or write something every week.

Maybe you’re interesting in appearing on or helping produce or Podcast.

Maybe you’ve got great ideas to do video content.

Maybe you like to get out to demonstrations or track down interesting people to interview and report from the field.

We’re wide open to new ideas and different approaches.

We have content meetings about twice a week, and those are a fun opportunity to come chop it up about things worth caring about, while we figure out what’s going on the site.

Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)

Basically we’re looking for passionate, articulate people who are searching for a platform and a community to talk about the issues that move them. TNL is a progressive site so we’re looking for people that share at least the broad principles of that movement – though healthy disagreement on specific priorities or policies are encouraged. You don’t have to be a subject matter expert in anything, but you should be a bit of a news junkie, and show a commitment to digging into the facts and developing informed positions.

In particular, if any of the following (or some combination) are your personal forte, we want to hear from you even more:

You are passionate and informed about Indigenous Issues and Policy

You’re big into Environmental Issues and Policy

You’re committed to shining a light on underreported Racial Justice Issues in Canada

You move in Activist Circles and Social Justice Organizations we can engage with and spotlight in our coverage

You can mine the French Language Press and interpret what’s going on in Quebec for a mostly Anglophone audience

You’re awesome at things like Twitter and Reddit, and would be willing to spearhead our presence in those networks

You’re interested in helping with Audio and Video Editing/Production

We’re happy to talk to anyone that wants to help out.

Time Commitment

Very flexible.

I’m not going to pretend we’re something that we’re not. The New Leaf is very much a start-up, and in the process of trying to grow our base of followers. I’d love to tell you I can get your work in 100,000 eyeballs and earholes tomorrow, but right now we’re looking for some core collaborators to help us build from the ground up. Right now it is a wholly un-monetized labour of love. If you’re interested in joining up, it’s because you’re looking for an outlet to express your views on what’s going on in this country or because you enjoy having interesting conversations about the political world and social justice issues.

It’s also a great opportunity to develop a more confident journalistic voice in a collaborative, supportive environment.

Contact Information Ian McLeod

Application Process

If you’re interested in discussing further how to get involved with the site, just drop us a line and we can go from there.


We meet in downtown Montreal, not far from the McGill campus, but a lot of work can be done remotely when it comes to developing, assigning, and writing and submitting columns or audio-video content.