Organization Objective

The Yellow Door mission is to promote dialogue, connectedness and intergenerationality; to provide opportunities for service, and to stimulate artistic expression. The Yellow Door respects its historic relationship with McGill University, and reaches out into the broader neighbouring communities. We respond directly to the issues identified by our participants, and build our programs to meet the needs of the communities we serve. It is the essence of our mission to foster the participation of youth in the wider community.

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

1) Volunteer Services:
The individual services are coordinated by Louise Pelletier

Friendly Visiting:
Our volunteers are matched up with clients and provide weekly friendly visits to seniors’ homes – activities range from a chat over coffee, going for a walk outside or even catching a movie together. (2.5 hours/week)

Volunteers accompany our seniors to medical appointment, hospital, the grocery store, the bank and the hairdresser. (3-4 hours/week)

Friendly Errands:
Run errands for clients such as groceries, things they need at the pharmacy or grocery store. (2 hours)

Access Internet:
Volunteers teach seniors how to use computer and surf online at their own home or at the Yellow Door. (2 hours/week)

2) Group activity services:
The social club services or activities are coordinated by Sonia Nizzi

Club Social :
There is also a Social Club for seniors that runs every Wednesday 12:45-3:30pm with which you are welcome to volunteer. (2 hours/week)

We also regularly organize social events and fundraising for our volunteers and clients.

Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)

Volunteers must speak English or French fluently.

Volunteers must be over 18 years of age.

The first step to become a volunteer at The Yellow Door is coming to an orientation session of 2 hours. You will receive an advice and you could choose a date to come in our group orientation’s meeting

Time Commitment

Volunteering requires 4 months minimum commitment of 3 hours per week.

Contact Information Activities Coordinator
Sonia Nizza
514-845-2600 poste 3
Application Process

You could Apply on the website, email the coordinators or give us a call! We are eager to hear from you!


3625 Rue Aylmer, Montreal Quebec. H2X 2C3