Organization Objective

Working together to build a better future for women and girls through housing services with psychosocial and community support,

social, cultural and economic integration and

prevention work and leadership with women and girls

Volunteer Job(s) and Description

Peer helper

Administrative assistant

Administrative agent (spontaneous requests)


Manual tasks agent

Reception agent (Legal Information Clinic or Activity Center)

Promotion officer

Research agent

Event officer (spontaneous requests)



Sales attendant

Copy editor

Graphic designer


Trainer and-or facilitator in computers

French-English Interpreter

Event organizer (within a committee)

Professional translator (French to English)

See for each position description

Volunteer Requirements (language, special skills, etc.)

Varies – see for each position description

Time Commitment

Varies – See for each position description

  • Monday morning
  • Monday afternoon
  • Tuesday morning
  • Tuesday afternoon
  • Wednesday morning
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Thursday morning
  • Thursday afternoon
  • Friday morning
  • Friday afternoon
Contact Information To apply for a position :

For any questions : Amélie Proulx
514-866-9941 extension 513
Application Process

To become a volunteer at the YWCA Montreal, you must follow this procedure:

1. Apply for a specific position among those listed in the table of volunteer positions. You’ll find a description of each by clicking on the title.

2. In order to ensure you will be happy in your volunteer position and that there is a good relationship between you and the YWCA, you must meet the following criteria:

a)having most of the required skills indicated in the description of the position;

b)being certain that the conditions and schedule are suitable for you;

c)being familiar with the YWCA’s values and programs and wanting to contribute to fulfilling its mission.

Send an e-mail to and specify the position for which you are applying.*Please note that we will try to get back to you in a week or less, if possible.*

If the position is vacant, we will ask you a few questions and then ask you for an interview (except for the position of manual tasks agent, which does not require an interview).

If the position is not vacant, we will add you to the waiting list once it becomes vacant again.